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Here at Tools Plus we sell industrial quality power tools, delivering a distinct focus on customer service &
satisfaction every time. We're the warranty agent for the majority of our products, making us the reliable
choice for Melbourne power tool sales and repairs.

We sell a wide variety of power tools - from small drills to rotary hammers, nail guns to compressors, small
circular saws to large table saws, Tools Plus provides a range of industry leading power tool solutions at always
affordable prices. We also carry a large array hand & power tool accessories.

Tools Plus is committed to delivering quality tools to our customers, and only sell products that we can service
and repair. We have an expert maintenance team available to take care of all your power tool needs. Our head
technician has over 35 years experience in power tool repairs and maintenance and can apply his extensive
knowledge to all your needs.

When it comes to power tools in Melbourne, always trust Tools Plus.

Contact us today on (03) 9808 4133 to enquire about any of our products, or to organise expert repairs of your existing power tool equipment.